TSA Serie Flexible Acrobat Arms

Acrobat Arms. Flexible, Strength Fume Suction Arms


  • Designed to connect to fans or central extraction systems
  • Designed for extracting high level of dust and fume
  • Suitable for extracting fume, gas, vapour and light dust


  • Easy to use in workshops with limited spaces
  • Reachable to desired area thanks to its flexible arm structure
  • User friendly due to easy movement by one hand
  • Protects arm position thanks to self supported design
  • Acrobat arms can be connected to extraction ducts and fans with multiple connection options


  • 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m arm length

Article & Order Codes

  • 2m extraction arm 911TSA0002
  • 3m extraction arm 911TSA0003
  • 4m extraction arm 911TSA0004
  • 5m extraction arm 911TSA0032
  • 6m extraction arm 911TSA0033
  • 7m extraction arm 911TSA0034

Spare Parts & Order Codes

  • Extraction arm hose 1m A244000246


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Acrobat Arms Flexible Suction Units – 2021
acrobat arms double duman emme freshweld

Flexible acrobat arms are designed to connect to fans or central exhaust systems as a suction unit. It is suitable for suction of smoke, gas, steam and light dust.

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