15 Tips to Consider Extraction and Filtration Systems

15 Tips to Consider Extraction and Filtration Systems

We suggest you should read this extraction and filtration tips article to the end if you are confused about to solve problems such as dust, fume and oil mist while producing.

Improving technologies that are used in the industry with production implementation change and develop every day.

You make a decision always notice all fine details, when you invest in a new cnc machine, welding table, plasma, laser, hand griding, saw, heat treatment furnace, vertical machining center and/or industrial robot investments.

Welding Fume Extraction and Filtration Systems

But How about extraction and filtration systems?

Afterward you invest in more quality and more efficient systems to improve your producing.

After set up all these systems into operation for a short time or during an inspection, harmful particles that systems caused will definitely appear as a big problem.

If you notice these problems during the inspection, you may have a limited time to solve it or you may not have enough budget for your investments for the current year.

In the beginning, it can be great benefit to solve the problem that is the deficiency of extraction and filtering systems. When you invest, you should consider both extraction and filtration systems and new machines investing.

Regardless of the possibilities and consequences, it is better not to rush until find the perfect solution rather than making an unnecessary and/or wrong investment.

15 Significant Spots to Consider and Query While Purchasing Industrial Extraction and Filtration Systems;

  1. Collaborate with your responsible employees who have wield of your workshop and will use or have the system used.
  2. There is no problem without a solution. Do not invest any extraction and filtration system that you believe will not use or is provisional.
  3. Make sure about extraction and filtering systems protect employees and increase in ambient air quality.
  4. You should integrate extraction and filtering system considering enviroment.
  5. If there is enough space, position filtering systems inside.
  6. Save energy by filtering inside ambient air for stabilize inside temparature.
  7. Prefer minimum H quality HEPA or ULPA filters, if you decide setup the system inside.
  8. Evaluate noise level of the system that will set up to make sure it is proper level.
  9. If you will set up the system outside, make sure emission value for below 5 mg/nm3.
  10. Always aim low service and maintenance cost by choosing filters that have large surface area.
  11. Try to prefer mobile extraction and filtering system cause of any possible change in its place.
  12. Do not ignore that you will cause extreme harm to the environment, do not prefer unfiltered systems or roughing filters to avoid high filtering costs and high maintenance costs.
  13. Demand for a system that have inverter technology to save energy, if you prefer central or stationary fume extraction system for more than one implementation.
  14. In the beginning make provision for to avoid penal sanction or to avoid get complaint about your employees get industrial disease.
  15. You can get more extensive information about fume extraction and filtering systems by contacting by your clean air supplier FRESHWELD, that considers all questions and problems for you and produces right solutions.

✅ You can contact our sales representatives to get more detailed information about solutions that specific to your application and to request a quote.

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