Environmentally Friendly Production

environmentally friendly production facility
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We act with an effective energy saving awareness in the production areas of our factory. For example, roof lights have been designed and implemented in a way that diffuses the light in the best way, but at the same time does not let the heat into the building much, does not dazzle the employees due to the direct light beam, and can be opened with a remote control when desired, providing an air circulation inside.

For the times when daylight cannot be reached, 140 kW of energy per hour has been saved in the dark since the day the factory was established, by using 90W luminaires that can provide the equivalent illuminance level on the ground, instead of the classical luminaires with 400W Hg steam, which is widely used in our country.

Dust and fumes arising from the processes are filtered by being absorbed by FRESHWELD systems in the business, thus preventing the spread of dust to the external environment and minimizing the exposure of our employees to dust. However, dust leaks that may occur can condense in the environment, especially on the floor, over time, and daily cleaning is done with electrical industrial area sweepers to clean them.