Correct Usage and Positioning of Fume Exhaust Arms

Correct Positioning and Usage of Fume Exhaust Arms

Correct Positioning And Usage Of Fume Exhaust Arms

Exhaust arms, which are used in Fume Extraction and Filtering systems and can be positioned in the center of harmful chemicals, are the closest protection and assistant of the employee. They can be easily mounted on Central Filtration Systems or Mobile Extraction units. Depending on the power and capacity of the extraction unit, it can reach a length between 2 meters and 7 meters.

Toxic gases emitted during industrial production processes must be properly absorbed and filtered before they reach the employee’s respiratory tract. One of the most important factors to protect worker and environmental health during suction is; the correct positioning of the exhaust arms.

Correct Positioning And Usage Of Fume Exhaust ArmsHow Should Exhaust Arms be Used and How Should They Be Positioned Correctly?

  • The distance of the exhaust arm to the fume source should be as much as the diameter of the suction hood. For example, FRESHWELD suction hoods are 35 cm in diameter (regardless of suction power or arm length) and an average distance of 35 cm between the smoke source and the suction hood will increase the suction quality.
  • Being closer may make it difficult to work, and positioning it further away may weaken the suction power. In addition, there should be no obstructions between the suction source and the hood.
  • It is very important for both employee health and suction power to be positioned in the work area and especially in front of the employee.
  • With the flap (valve) in the hoods in the double-arm suction units, the suction feature of the unused arm can be turned off.
  • The suction exhaust arms connected to the central filtration system should also be positioned in the same way.

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