SM/920 Stationary Fume Extractor with Disposable Filter

Stationary Unit

Stationary Unit

Provides Space Advantage

Double Acrobat Arm

Double Acrobat Arm

Length Options

Disposable Cassette Filter

Disposable Cassette Filter

ePM1 65% (F8)

Usage Areas

  • Stationary Fume Extractor with Disposable Filter. Double Acrobat Arm
  • Designed for filtering fume and fine dust occured during welding process
  • Suitable for processing unalloyed and low-alloy steel welding
  • Suitable for filtering low and medium level of fume and dust


  • Stationary Fume Extractors are easy to use in workshops with limited spaces
  • Reachable to desired area thanks to its flexible arm structure
  • Fully complies with European Machinery Safety Regulation
  • Minimizing the loss of worktime by carrying out the maintenance only during filter change time thanks to the filter indicator buttons
  • Minimizing the risk of fire related to the sparks thanks to its aluminium spark arrestor
  • If the phase sequence is wrong or there is a missing phase, the device will not work and the motor will be protected from burning
  • If the fan turns in the opposite direction, the warning lamp comes on.
  • Easy access thanks to external control panel


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FW CODE(m)(m³/h)(kW)WLH(kg)
211SM92000w/o Arm1000 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseF9 – 25m²650750112599
211SM920022 x 2850 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseF9 – 25m²6507501125119
211SM920032 x 3850 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseF9 – 25m²6507501125133
211SM920042 x 4850 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseF9 – 25m²6507501125141
212SM92000w/o Arm1000 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseE12 – 40m²650750112599
212SM920022 x 2850 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseE12 – 40m²6507501125119
212SM920032 x 3850 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseE12 – 40m²6507501125133
212SM920042 x 4850 – 13001,5G2 MeshG4 CoarseE12 – 40m²6507501125141
SM/920 Stationary Fume Extractor with Disposable Filter – 2024 – FRESHWELD
Sm 920 1 En

Stationary Fume Extractor with Disposable Filter. Double Acrobat Arms. Suitable for filtering fine dust and fume occured during welding process. Suitable for filtering low or medium level of fume

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