Spare Parts Warranty

We provide spare parts guarantee for all our systems for 10 years from the invoice date.

Has the suction performance of your filtration system decreased?

Or do the LEDs on the device indicating the filter fullness light up in red?

Then it’s time to change the filter!

All filters have a certain lifespan. Even if this is a cleanable type filter, the average life of all of them is 1 year.

Using a cleanable filter does not mean that you will use this filter for a lifetime.

Periodic filter replacement is essential to maintain the functionality and optimum operation of your suction and filtration system.

Freshweld products have easy-to-open maintenance covers.

If you open the maintenance covers while the device is running, the device motor will automatically stop.

You can easily change the filters without the need for a special apparatus or hand tool.

You can reach the Freshweld after-sales services unit for all your questions and support needs.