Quality Policy

In our company, which operates to develop, produce, sell and provide after-sales service filtration systems, standardization and continuous improvement of all processes is the strategic target. While realizing the quality policy, it is acted in accordance with human values, environmental and legal rules.

If any change in Method, Material, Machinery and Human factors is approved as a result of the analysis made with the participation of all concerned, new standards are put into practice in the processes, observed, corrections, if any, made and made permanent.

Internal and external issues are systematically evaluated as the trigger of change, risk-based thinking is internalized and necessary actions are taken on time.

All of our devices are fully compliant with the European Union machinery safety regulation, they have been tested by independent organizations with EN 60335-1:2012/A11:2014 and EN 60335-2-65:2003/A11:2012 standards and received CE certificate (EN ISO/IEC 17020). :2012 and ISO/EN 17025:2005)

CE duman emme freshweld

Electrical Safety

Elektromagnetic Compatibility

Machinery Directive