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FRESHWELD® is a Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturer in Turkey (Türkiye)
with Dust, Odor, Oil-Mist Extraction & Filtration Systems.

Fume Extractor Manufacturer Sales Partner

Sales Partner

You can be the leader of fume extraction and filtering products in your local area with the FRESHWELD® brand that sales to the leading brands of the industrial sector for more than 20 years.

Fume Extractor Manufacturer Afilliate Partner Oem - Odm

Affiliate Partner

FRESHWELD® produce OEM* and ODM* products for many brands on the worldwide by combining our production capacity, staff quality and proficiency with our technical expertise. You can be the pioneer of the sector at advantageous prices.

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Your benefits as a FRESHWELD® sales partner

FRESHWELD® is a loyal and reliable partner for retailers. In recent years, it has proven itself many times in the air filter and ventilation sector and has achieved success in customer satisfaction with its solution partners.

Exclusive and satisfying discounts on a wide range of products

Be the first to know about new and improved products and get ahead with pre-order opportunities

Get professional support for your advertising and promotion needs

Benefit from After Sales Services that have been improved and gained importance with customer satisfaction.

Get comprehensive field service support from our professional team for your project-based works.

Participate in all Reseller promotions


United Kingdom, European Countries, Balkans, Russia, Scandinavia, Africa, Middle East, Asia and continues to grow with other countries in both Afilliate Partner and Sales Partner business


Best Fume Extractors

Top industries around the world such as : Construction and Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Energy and Power, Automotive and Shipbuilding, Aerospace and Defense, Heavy Engineering, Railways, Other End Users are need to extract their fumes and dust.

We got All-in-One & Plug-and-Play Extraction & Filtering Solutions for all kind of industries.





Fume Extractor Manufacturer Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the frequently asked questions that arise in many applications. By reviewing these questions before completing your application, you can find answers.

We can re-produce all model of designs in our product range with your colors and brand as a Affiliate Partner. FRESHWELD is the original design manufacturer of many big European brands. (as ODM)

Our products, -designed by our R&D department and engineer team- are fully compliant with European Machinery Safety Regulations.

You can choose your corporate colors from the colors in the RAL color chart, which is an international standard, and send them to us. Thus, you get the product with high quality standards and the best fit for your corporate identity.

FRESHWELD use the RAL5010 color code for its own brand for global products

We can re-produce all the models or parts you have designed for your product range for you. FRESHWELD is the Original equipment supplier of many big European brands. (OEM)

All the products we produce with our expert production team are tested with high quality standards and it is ensured that every part and product is shipped with the same quality.

Minimum Quantity of Order for ODM is limited with 10 pcs per model.

MQO amount for OEM: varies by model and part design. At this stage, the amount of MQO is determined upon receipt of the relevant design.

We can provide you with more economical and faster solutions with your annual planned forecast sharing.

FRESHWELD Partnership Protocol has 3 different types of agreement. GOLD Partner, SILVER Partner and BRONZE Partner. Each of them has different discount values with different opportunities. 

We produce in Manisa Industrial Park, which has been chosen as the best and most suitable investment city in Europe. With raw material and product stock areas, we can offer you a very fast solutions and offers.

Learn more about Manisa

With our Manisa-based production facility, it is possible to carry out the fastest and most economical transportation operations by land or sea.

Although the shipping costs vary, the total shipping cost for a minimum of 10 smoke extraction units is between 1200~1500 Euros.

Preliminary Interview Application

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    What is the difference between ODM and OEM?
    OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ODM (Original Design Manufacturer).

    What is the OEM for an Affiliate Partner?

    The abbreviation OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM products are designed according to the specifications of the buyer needs, including the size, function, design, etc., while the manufacturer is only responsible for the production according to the requirements of the buyer, only sell the products to the buyer, and then the buyer distributes the products to the market. In short, a manufacturer accepts a buyer’s product design and helps the buyer produce it.

    What Is ODM for an Affiliate Partner?

    The abbreviation ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. ODM products are designed and developed by the manufacturer, or they can be copies of other products that already exist on the market. It is usually based on existing designs, and the buyer does not need to develop and design the product himself. However, the buyer’s own logo can also be affixed, provided that there are no risks such as copyright. In short, the manufacturer does all the work from design to production, while the buyer only needs to provide his own ideas and requirements.