Clean Air Quality and Industrial Ventilation

Clean Air Quality and Industrial Ventilation

.. There is no room left for equivocating, no time left for debate. Clean air is not an optional policy objective. It’s a fundamental human right.

Everyone needs to breathe clean air. That billions of people today are breathing dirty, deadly air constitutes a global health, environmental and human rights crisis. The solutions are known and simply need to be implemented… (The Human Right to Breathe Clean Air, Dr. David R. Boyd New Tab Openner)

What is Clean Air?

Under normal conditions (e.g.: in the office environment), the air of the environments where the amount of carbon dioxide is below one per thousand is called clean breathable air. 

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In addition to carbon dioxide, the rate of other substances such as gas and dust should also be taken into consideration for air quality in environments such as workplaces, shopping malls, business centres, ready offices, factory administrative buildings, etc.

Fresh Air Requirements

An adult human needs 30 cubic metres of cleaned fresh air per hour. Under normal conditions, it is accepted that the air of the environment changes 2-3 times per hour with natural ventilation.

The air volume per person in the workplace should be 10 cubic metres. (In the calculation of this air volume, no more than 4 metres of ceiling height is taken into account).

4 Things To Consider When Calculating The Air Requirements

  1. Under normal conditions, the ceiling height of the workplace should be at least 3 metres.
  2. In environments with harmful dust and gases, the ceiling height should be at least 3.5 metres.
  3. The amount of free space per person in the workplace should be at least 2.5 square metres.
  4. As a minimum (for each permanent employee),
    • 12 m³ for mostly seated work;
    • 15 m³ for work done mostly standing without sitting;
    • 18 m³ for heavy physical work.

Fresh Air Requirement Calculation According to Working Places:

The calculation made in hours for the continuity of the need for clean breathable fresh air is as follows.

  • Offices 3-6 times.
  • Safe rooms 3-6 times.
  • Places where clothes are left 4-6 times.
  • Garages 4-6 times.
  • Restaurants and canteens 4-8 times.
  • Toilet Bathrooms and Showers 4-8 times.
  • Accumulator Manufacturing 5-10 times.
  • Laboratories 5-10 times.
  • Paintshops 5-15 times.
  • Laundries 5-15 times.
  • Factory kitchens, large kitchens 6-8 times.
  • Spray paint works 20-50 times.
  • Small kitchens 15-20 times.

In industrial environments where welding, grinding and similar heavy industrial works are carried out, fresh air exchange should be carried out by filtering polluted air by local ventilation method and air quality should be increased.

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Clean Air Quality Fresh Air Ventilation

General / Industrial Ventilation Systems

  • Natural Ventilation

    • The method created by providing air flow between the external environment such as doors and windows and the indoor environment
  • General Ventilation

    • Ventilation by pumping air from outside (Bottom ventilation).
    • Ventilation by extract the air inside and throwing it out (Top ventilation).
    • Ventilation by giving air from the upper side and drawing air from the lower side.
  • Local Ventilation

    • Removal of gas, smoke or chemicals that deteriorate air quality from the environment
    • Fixed Gas, Smoke Extraction Systems (Works with movable suction nozzles).
    • Mobile Gas, Smoke Extraction Systems (Devices that filter the air and give breathable air to the same environment).

Why Clean Air Is A Human Right?

More than six billion people, one-third of them children, are regularly inhaling air so polluted that it puts their lives, health and wellbeing at risk. David Boyd, UN expert on human rights and the environment, explains why clean air is a human right.

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