Welding Fume Damage to Welding Robots

Welding Fume Damage to Welding Robots

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Nowadays, robotic solutions is everywhere. Technology are going to developing day by day, and robotics technologies will be common even in houses.

The sectors that robotics solutions do not enter in our lives is almost non-existent with the Industry 4.0 Revolution.

Best common robotics solutions is welding robots with no doubt.

So, you invested in welding robots to improve your productivity and to product unerringly.

Have you ever think about the damages of welding fumes that come out while your welding robot working?

There is 3 popular answers when we ask above question;

Kaynak Robotunda Operatör Çalışmıyor
I do not need a extraction system because of the operator does not working with welding robot!
Kaynak Robotu Duman Emme Sistemi Nedir?There is perfectly ventilated where is welding robots areas. We do not need it!
Fabrika Çatısında Güçlü Fanımız VarThere is a powerful fan we have already installed on the roof of the factory, that is enough!

As a result, people think welding robots can not be effect from welding fume.

What will happen if welding fume diffuse around the factory?

Did you ever think what will happen if particles in welding fume stick on robots?

Thus, if the materials that will be welding are little oily, then robot parts needs to change in a little while. Robotic parts lifetime get shorter because of the welding fume.

Welding fume affect negatively to personal health because of lack of extraction systems.

Your technological welding robot investment worth millions could cost you more due to welding fume.

Secondly dangerous situtation is about to extraction systems.

Most industries think they solved the welding fume problem by the equipment that covers around the welding shop with indrustrial kitchen hoods, galvanized ducts and blowers, like a restaurant.

These systems that have a visually unaesthetic apperance, work inefficiently in terms of fucntionality and take up unnecessarily large space.

The most frequently big mistake is in the extraction system made to the welding robot is to cover the whole welding robot. (excluding self-cab systems)

So how can we protect welding robots?

However, welding application is not top on robot, it is on sliders, positioners or on welding bench. So that, that is enough to cover top of the welding point.

It makes the system works more functional and it prevents the fans except need to large flows. It also saves energy because of machine can be run with small motor.

It is impossible to apply stable systems such as hood in welding robot applications where cranes work.

Some kind of situations like this, FRESHWELD TORFIL series integreted in robot’s torch that is high vacuums extraction in torch can be used instead of hood.

Finally, it is against to in terms of law and conscience to remove fumes to the atmosphere without filtering to purpose of to keep industry’s air clear.

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