Welding Congress of Welding Technologies

KAYKON 2023 - Welding Technology 13th National Congress and Exhibition

Welding Congress 2023 (KAYKON) Welding Technology 13th National Congress and Exhibition was held at ANFA Expo Center with the participation of many Academicians, Instructors, Welding Engineers, Lecturers and Students.

Turkey’s leading welding machine and equipment manufacturers and companies operating in the field of welding technologies participated in the Congress and Exhibition covering 17-18 November 2023.

Only FRESHWELD took part in the field of Filtration solutions, which sent a report to the OHS title in Welding Applications and is one of the most important elements of OHS.

Our team, which hosted visitors at stand 12 with our M1/1100 MobileEco and High Vacuum series products and new technologies for smoke absorption and filtering products, left behind a successful exhibition and congress.

Congress Announcement

MMO aims to strengthen its regulatory and guiding position in the activities carried out in the field by aiming to bring together the stakeholders who produce information, need it, use it and help develop it, on the same platform through Welding Technology Congresses, and to share its work with the parties of the subject. In this context, “Welding Technology 13th National Congress and Exhibition” will be held on 17-18 November 2023.


  • Welded Manufacturing in Our Country and in the World
  • Problems of the Sector and Development of the Sector
  • Quality Control Activities in Welded Manufacturing
  • Energy and Cost Control in Welded Manufacturing
  • The Place and Importance of OHS in Welded Manufacturing

It has been proposed as, specifically for the above issues, in the field of welded manufacturing technology; It is aimed to create a congress environment where technological developments, quality control activities, energy and cost controls, occupational safety and worker health practices are discussed, and current problems and possible solutions are presented.

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